Architecture Guide Eindhoven

On occasion of the Dutch Design Week 2011, I worked for MIMOA (Mi Modern Architecture) to create the Architecture Guide Eindhoven publication as part of their 'Architecture @DDW' event. The publication features a selection of 44 architectural highlights across the city. The publication was printed in limited edition and distributed during the Dutch Design Week.




Dutch Design Week 2010

Dutch Design Week is the largest and most comprehensive design event in The Netherlands. Over 1500 designers display their work in the fields of industrial design, spatial design and graphic design. DDW provides an exhaustive overview of all aspects of design, from the conceptual stage to the successful product, showcased in more than 60 locations throughout the city of Eindhoven.

For the ninth edition MIMOA was invited to organise activities in Eindhoven to highlight the architecture there. This resulted in the plans for Architecture @DDW: a day full of activities for architecture enthusiasts. More can be read about Architecture @DDW on the event page.

Architecture @DDW

The idea to make this publication came up while planning our bicycle tour and gathering project information for the architectural highlights in Eindhoven. With the help of the municipality, we gathered information on so many interesting projects that we felt it would be a shame to 'only' publish them online. Throughout the process I was responsible for the production and design. The layout I designed resembles closely the look-and-feel of their website, to ensure brand recognition when switching from the website to this 'offline' edition. Only three weeks later the first print edition by MIMOA was a fact.

The publication has been made available online, but for those who prefer the real thing there are still several print editions available at Lecturis.

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Norbert van Onna

The photography in this publication was for a large part provided by professional architectural photographer Norbert van Onna. In the two years leading up to this publication he managed to photograph many of the architectural highlights of the city. Without his beautiful contributions the MIMOA Architecture Guide Eindhoven would not have had the polish and visual quality it has now.

You can find many of his photos on contributed projects in Eindhoven on the MIMOA website, or on his own personal website